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Start-up recruiting early employees

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Đăng lúc 14-7-2013 12:15:38 | Xem tất |Chế độ đọc
Bài được LMTung sửa lúc  14-7-2013 12:18

Hi guys,
I'm Tung Le, a former student (class of 2002-2006), and teaching assistant at HCMUS, I instructed a lab class in APCS 06. I'm now finishing my PhD in CS at University of New South Wales, Australia. Me and some friends founded a start-up building a product for trips sharing, targeting the global market. We are close to releasing alpha version.

We are looking for several talented interns with the intention of employing full-time later. We are after web developers who:
- Can turn an abstract problem like “build a universal login system for Facebook, Gmail, Twitter” and return clean,working code in a week.
- Fluent in Java web or PHP orNode.js, or convince us why we should use another language of your choice.
- In terms of algorithm, at least know when to use a Binary-search tree, or a Hashmap.
- Want your name on a US patent.
- Degree? No, we don't care about degree, as long as you rock!

Your benefits:
- A lot of room for innovation! No boring tasks, promised!
- Above-market salary.
- Company's equity in longer term, depending on performance.

Are you up for it? Drop us your CV(or better yet, any demo link of your previous project) at recruit@tripulo.us
Please feel free to forward to anyone.
Thank you for your time.

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